Yesterday I stumbled upon an article in Yahoo finance that I found very intriguing.  It addressed the issues of the astronomical fees associated with celebrity endorsed debit cards, and how the companies use the beloved stars to increase their market share by putting their names or faces on the card in hopes of tapping into their loyal fan bases.

The list read like a who’s who in the entertainment field; Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne (Yes, LIL WAYNE), Magic Johnson, George Lopez, Russell Simmons, and the infamous Kim Kardashian and her sisters to name a few. Have or have had cards they were being heavily compensated to endorse at the expense of the customers. What you have to understand as a consumer is that In a capitalistic society, you have to question everyone’s intentions!

My goal for this post is not to bash the celebrities for endorsing a product that exploits the uninformed, but to warn you to always make sure you fully understand everything you are agreeing to. And by any means necessary, avoid all dealings with A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

I’m sure your wondering what I mean when I say a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Well, all you have to do is ask the members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga when the head of their church, Bishop Eddie Long personally endorsed a corrupt business man as he carried out a ponzi scheme on his congregation costing them millions. All for a kick back. Or ask Hope Chapel Christian Church in Hermosa Beach California, whose Associate Pastor Mike Maffe personally defrauded his congregation when he convinced them to invest in a fake real estate deal in Texas.

The meaning of the phrase wolf in sheep’s clothing is: Someone who hides malicious intent under the guise of kindliness.

In the case of Pastor Maffe, that is exactly what he did.  He took advantage of his position as a senior leader in the church and defrauded his parishioners, the people who trusted in him the most.To an extent however, I will give Bishop Long a pass because he didn’t personally defraud the members of his church and it would be difficult to prove that he knew exactly what the unscrupulous adviser planned to do.

Now I know that I’m about to make some people mad but it’s my personal commitment to give you the best advice that I can, without worrying about who’s feelings I’m hurting.  So with that, my advice to you is to always err on the side of caution and never allow your Preacher, Bishop, Deacon, or anyone in senior leadership of your church be your financial adviser, insurance agent, or anything dealing with your finances. It just makes for an awkward situation if things go awry.

Now if you still decide to do business with your pastor after reading this then make sure you treat him like any other adviser and compare his quote that he gives you to at least 2 others.

It’s a tough job but I know you can do it!

Remember, taking ownership of your personal finances does not just increase the quality of your life, but also the lives of the people who depend on you.

Join my movement, end the vicious cycle of financial illiteracy!

Signed Bruce Wayne (And yes this is my real name!)

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